t_itanium (t_itanium) wrote,

Во всех магазинах группы Pro-Direct Sport больше не вычитают НДС

А это 7 отличных спортивных он-лайн магазинов Pro-Direct Soccer, Pro-Direct Select, Pro-Direct Tennis, Pro-Direct Running, Pro-Direct Rugby, Pro-Direct Cricket, Pro-Direct Basketball. Очень жаль... Магазины супер, но теперь для нас всё будет на 20% дороже

...Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

Due to recent changes to our Terms & Conditions I can confirm that all prices shown on our website are inclusive of UK sales tax ( VAT). If you are placing an order from outside of the UK/EU please note that the UK sales tax element will not be removed and will not be refunded, despite the sale not attracting UK VAT. The price that you pay when ordering from outside of the UK/EU will be the full price advertised on the site at the point of purchase...

Tags: pro-direct basketball, pro-direct cricket, pro-direct running, pro-direct select, pro-direct soccer, pro-direct sport, pro-direct tennis, англия
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