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Английская он-лайн аптека Chemist Direct приостанавливает международную доставку?

Пока вроде бы временно. Интересно какие shipping restriction changes имеются в виду?

Thank you for contacting Chemist Direct,

Unfortunately we have a temporary hold on international orders on our website due to shipping restriction changes,
This hopefully will be resolved in the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime if you wish to place non medicinal products please call 01215411800 so that we can manually place the order over the phone.
Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.
If you are happy this has been resolved, can you please confirm if you are happy for us to close your ticket?

Best Regards,
Customer Care,
Chemist Direct.

Special thanks to derzhavin71.

Update: доставка в Россию восстановлена

Tags: a-derma, chemist direct, crest, la roche-posay, oral care, vichy, англия, аптека, бад'ы и витамины, бритвенные принадлежности, детское питание, корм для животных, косметика, лекарства, средства по уходу за полостью рта, товары для диабетиков
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